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Barring any additional posthumous releases, the last song on the last album that Chuck Berry ever recorded will be "Eyes Of Man," a midtempo blues number with a vocal performance more spoken than sung. It clocks in at just a little over two minutes-and it offers up a bit of homespun wisdom from a man as he was approaching 90. Two songs on the record overtly nod to Berry's back catalog. "Jamaica Moon" is a rewrite of "Havana Moon," a lilting tropical exercise that failed to become a hit back in the '50s-something Berry attributed to Castro's revolution in Cuba. There are a lot of songs on Chuck that salute women. In addition to "Eyes Of Man" and "Lady B. Goode,". "Lady B. Goode" is a sequel of sorts to "Johnny B. Goode," concerning a woman who supported a fledgling rock star. According to his son, Berry started recording these tracks in 1991 after his burned studio was back to function. Berry played all instruments including the use of a drum machine. Overdubs and mixing were done at Four Seasons Studio, St. Louis by 2001. Later the original recordings have been overdubbed in part using musicians from Berry's St. Louis band at Casa Del Torretta in 2013. During 2015 and 2016 the final edits to these recordings were done in Nashville including overdubs by some guest artists.